11th July 2016 – Psalm 105 (part one)

Psalm 105 (part one) – a song of deep joy, praising God for His faithfulness, His protection and the Covenant relationship He has created.
psalm 105i

My Lord and my God,
we sing out our thanks to You
for all the wonderful things You do;
we sing out for all people from every nation to hear.
We sing our our praise to You
for all people everywhere
to know of Your miraculous deeds.
We glorify Your name,
worshiping You,
joyfully singing of who You are –
adoring You completely.

We seek You with our all,
we eagerly desire Your strength,
Your presence,
and we will go on seeking You always,
and forever.

We celebrate Your mighty acts,
and all You have done for us, Your chosen people
and all You have spoken over us, Your beloved –
all who are descended from Abraham,
all who are in the family of Jacob
all who are chosen by You.
We celebrate how You have conquered the enemy.
You are our Lord, our God,
and You stand in judgement
over all the earth.

My Lord and my God,
You have made a covenant with Your people,
and You are faithful to the promise You’ve made,
across thousands and thousands of generations.
That covenant promise You made to Abraham,
renewed with Isaac,
confirmed with Jacob,
passed down through Israel,
You everlasting promise,
‘The land of Canaan is yours, my people –
you will inherit the land.’

We remember Your faithfulness throughout our history,
when we were just a few people
aliens in the land
having journeyed from one place to another,
through countries and nations,
when You protected Your people
sheltering them from oppression and injustice –
Your word went out to kings and rulers,
‘Lay no finger on my chosen, my anointed people.
May my prophets come to no harm’