1st January – Happy New Year



Hope and pray that 2016 begins well for you, and that we might all know the riches of God’s blessings daily, His presence, and His perfect peace. Emmanuel… God with us.

Starting a daily diet of the psalms – revisiting and revising something I explored a number of years ago…

Psalm 1

psalm-1My Lord and my God
You show me that
the way to a blessed and contented life
is to shun the ways of the wicked
to move out of the path of evil
to vacate the seat of the cynical

the way to a blessed and contented life
is to take pleasure in reading Your wisdom
to meditate twenty-four-seven on Your word

Then I shall be
like a well-nourished tree
watered by constant and pure-flowing streams
fruitful season after season

blown by the wind
scattered abroad
I’ll be useless and pointless – chaff
judged to be weak, and found wanting
unable to join in the praises of Your people

My Lord and my God
You watch over us, constantly –
guiding, protecting,
steering those who’ll listen
away from the path of destruction.