3rd January 2016 – Psalm 3

So, I’m returning again to the Psalms, nudged by God to put these ancient words into my own… here’s the next one:

Psalm 3 – David, fleeing for his life from Absalom, his own son

psalm-3aMy Lord, how unpopular I’ve become
I can’t count the number of those who are out to get me – and it’s rising!
And they are all saying
‘His God is useless – there’s no divine intervention for him!’

(I’ll pause for a moment in quietness)

But no!
You, my Lord, protect me on all sides, as a mighty shield.
It’s only in You do I find honour, glory and hope,
And You lift up my head when it’s cast down in despair.
My voice rang out, loud and longing,
And from the Holy Hill, my cry was heard and answered.

(I’ll pause for a moment in quietness)

When I lie down at the end of the day
and all through the night
and every waking moment
my Lord gives me strength, and grants me all I need,
all that the world cannot give.
So I cannot fear what the world may throw at me –
even the thousands who queue up to attack
I am safe in the arms of my Lord, in the midst of encircling danger.

My Lord, get to it!
My God, take me now to safety!
You fight the battles, scarring the enemy,
and brushing aside the toothless attacks of the ungodly.

My safety, my wellbeing is secured in one place only –
in my Lord.
Your presence brings untold joy and peace to all Your people.