4th January 2016 – Psalm 4

These psalms have come to mean a lot to me as I’ve worked with them… may the Living Word be at work in our heart and mind.

Psalm 4 – David’s song about God’s safe keeping
(to be accompanied by string instruments)

psalm-4My God, holy and just – listen to my heart cry out to You.
When I’m beside myself with anxiety
You draw alongside to soothe and relieve me.
In Your loving-kindness and enduring patience, hear my prayer.

(My King says):
‘People of the world, will you never see sense?
Will you continue to live in shame rather than share My glory?
Will you carry on choosing to love vanity, or a lesser dream,
and to follow after falsehood?’

(I’ll pause for a moment in quietness)

Rest assured that when my heart embraces God’s
I’m set aside by Him and for Him
and He is eager to hear my song, the cry of my heart.

May anger not get the better of you – but bring out the best!
Quieten yourself as you lie down to rest
and let your heart meditate upon God’s goodness, His word.

(I’ll pause for a moment in quietness)

Give to God the best that He deserves
and with an obedient heart
entrust your life to His safe hands.

The voices of many ask
‘What good can anyone, can any god, do for us?’
O my Lord, may Your glorious presence rise up all about us,
Your face shine upon us.
You fill my heart with such gladness
and greater joy than at an abundant harvest of wheat and wine.

Abundant is Your peace, my Lord,
when I lie down to rest.
Peaceful sleep.
For You alone make my life secure
my life is safe in Your hands.