Passionate Worship – Day 12

‘O sing to the Lord a new song,
for He has done marvelous things.’ (Psalm 98 v. 1)

‘Supporting innovative styles of worship requires a spiritual maturity, a willingness to set aside long-standing tastes and preferences to encourage other people’s quest for God.’

Would you be willing to support, even briefly attend a worship service that featured a style that wasn’t your taste if it meant drawing others into God’s presence?
What is the value of this king of support?

Help us in our church congregation
‘to sing a new song to the Lord’,
to be created and re-created again and again
by Your Holy Spirit.

Pray for the young people of your church congregation and for the older, for the first-time visitors and for the longer-term members, for learning from and teaching each other, and for the grace of shared worship.

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