Radical Hospitality – Day 3

‘…so that they may take hold of the life that really is life.’ (1 Timothy 6 v. 19)

‘As a school for love, the church becomes a congregation where people learn from one another how to love. People need to know that life is not having something to live on but something to live for, that life comes not from taking for oneself, but by giving of oneself. People need a sustaining sense of purpose.’

How is your life enriched by being a follower of Jesus Christ?
What have you received by being part of a community of faith?

‘Grant, O Lord,
that what has been said with our lips
we may believe in our hearts
and that what we believe in our hearts
we may practice in our lives;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.’

With a family member or friend, share your thoughts about these questions:
‘Why do people need Christ?
Why do people need the church?
Why do people need our congregation?’
(from Adam Hamilton’s, ‘Leading Beyond the Walls’)

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