8th July 2016 – Psalm 104 (part two)

Psalm 104 (part two) – the conclusion of a song praising God, the Creator and Provider, and a commitment to worshiping Him our whole life long.
psalm 104ii

My Lord and my God,
You created the moon to mark out the seasons,
You created the sun to rise and set,
laying each day to rest,
heralding the darkness,
when the night-creatures prowl.
Even the lion roars, hungry for prey,
crying out to God for its food.
When the sun rises, heralding the day,
the night-creatures return to their dens,
to lie down and sleep,
whilst people rise for the working day,
and stay out, working till night falls again.

My Lord and my God,
Your miraculous works are so numerous,
Your wisdom is unfathomable
Your creative genius is evident throughout this world –
the wide-open seas, mighty oceans,
bursting with life
watery creatures, large and small,
millions upon millions;
overhead, the ships pass by,
and the mightiest of sea creatures
dance and play in the depths beneath.

My Lord and my God,
all Your creation looks to You
for food at just the right time,
for Your provision.
What You give, they gather up;
what Your hand provides, they eat and are satisfied.
When You turn away, when You can’t be seen, they cry out in fear.
When You say their time is up,
and You take back the breath You gave them,
they pass away, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
But when You pour out Your Spirit,
creation happens,
and the whole of earth is renewed, reborn.

My Lord and my God,
may Your glory and majesty shine over us forever and ever,
may You be filled with joy at all You see happening –
all You put Your hand to.
You only have to look at the earth and it shudders –
one touch from You, and mountains erupt with smoke.
As for me, as long as I live I’ll be singing –
singing out my thanks and praise with every breath You give me.
I want my every thought to please You,
I aim to honour and delight You in everything.
And my song is a joyful one.
May evil, and those who perpetrate it,
be driven from the earth,
may You wipe out wickedness for ever.

My Lord and my God,
may my whole being,
body and soul,
praise and worship You.
I will worship and praise You for ever
and ever.