July 1st 2016 – Psalm 103 (part one)

Psalm 103 (part one) – God’s faithfulness, loving-kindness, mercy, grace and love SHINE through in this wonderful song of worship
psalm 103

My Lord and my God,
I will worship Your holy name,
I will honour and adore You
with my whole heart.
Again, my Lord and my God,
I will worship You
I will honour and adore You
remembering everything You have done for me –
Your glorious, magnificent activity
in my life.

You are the one who forgives all my sinfulness, my wrongdoing.
You are the one who heals all my infirmities, my sickness.
You are the one who rescues me from eternal death, snatching me from the gates of hell.
You are the one who envelops me with loving-kindness, mercy and grace.
You fill my life to overflowing with Your goodness.
You give me my energy and youthfulness,
so that I can soar on wings like an eagle.
You are the one who can provide justice for all those who are oppressed, and harshly treated.
Yes, it’s You – the one who Moses and the Israelites came to know –
Your nature, Your character, Your being.

You show mercy and loving-kindness when we don’t deserve it.
You stem Your anger, and prefer to show Your patience and love.
You keep no record of wrongs, never hold a grudge, don’t harbour resentment.
You choose not to chastise and punish us for all the wrong we’ve done,
we don’t get what we deserve, rather we taste Your mercy and loving kindness.
That mercy and loving-kindness is like a mighty, strong mountain,
rising out of the depths and stretching to the heights of heaven,
for all who worship, honour and adore You, our Lord, our God.
The distance You remove our wicked, our sinful deeds, from us,
is about as far as the east is from the west –
the complete opposite end of the spectrum –
gone, forever, for good!