June 30th 2016 – Psalm 102 (part two)

Psalm 102 (part two) – the song concludes, encouraging faith and trust in God’s protection, His deliverance, His answers to our cries…He is faithful and everlasting.
psalm 102ii

My Lord and my God,
You will come to the rescue of Your people –
that much I know to be true.
Show Your mercy and loving-kindness to
Jerusalem –
now, for the time is right.
Your people love every stone in her walls
and care about every particle of dust along her paths.
My Lord, my God,
now is the time –
let every nation under the sun
and every leader across the world
be in awe of You,
and tremble before You,
our glorious, majestic God.
For You, our Lord, our God,
will restore and rebuild Jerusalem,
and Your glory, Your majesty will be seen
by all.

You will hear the cries of the needy,
the pleas from those who are desperate,
for You always have time
to hear those cries,
You’re never too busy to answer those prayers.
I tell out these truths,
that future generations may hear and believe.
I am writing this down,
so that people yet to be born
may worship and praise You, living, lovingĀ God.
We will let everyone know
how You looked down from Your heavenly throne
how You heard the cries of Your people enslaved
and how You came to rescue them
You set them free from the death they were living.
So crowds and crowds of people have come
singing their praises in Jerusalem,
resounding through the city streets,
worship and praise and adoration,
and many of the world’s leaders,
many rulers and monarchs,
came to worship You there.

My Lord and my God,
You have shortened my life,
cut me down to size,
weakened me to the point of exhaustion.
I cried out to You –
‘My God, You are alive forever and ever –
please let me live on beyond middle-age.
In the depths of time You laid the earth’s foundations,
it was Your hand that created the heavens.
Even though earth and heaven will pass away,
You will remain, enduring forever.
They will become like worn-out clothing,
which You will discard,
and will then reclothe with new.
But You, Yourself, my Lord, my God,
You will never grow old, never be worn-out,
You are eternal, everlasting,
You years roll on and on.
Our successors, the generations yet to come,
will know Your protection, Your peace.
You will be their Saviour, their Deliverer,
their Rescuer, their Provider,
always and forever.