Extravagant Generosity – Day 33

‘I am the one who searches minds and hearts’ (Revelation 2 v. 23)

‘Every sanctuary and chapel in which we have worshiped, every communion rail where we have knelt, every hymn book from which we have sung, every praise band that has touched our hearts…all are the fruit of someone’s extravagant generosity…’

How have you been the recipient of another person’s extravagant generosity?
Have you been the recipient of a congregation’s extravagant generosity?
Or of God’s extravagant generosity?

By the generosity of Your heart, O God,
all that we have comes to us by grace freely given.
Help us to give abundant evidence of Your love
as we give generously of ourselves.

Grow one step in your own personal giving. Develop a personal plan to grow in giving to God’s purposes, of increasing the proportion of your generosity by at least one percent as you move towards (or even beyond) the tithe (tenth).

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