Prayer Diary

Please continue to pray for all those in our fellowship, in your circles of family and friends and those you meet through work or leisure activities who may be suffering in any way at this time – whether physically, mentally or emotionally or going through difficult experiences at work or in relationships or in financial difficulties. Pray that they may all be aware of God’s presence with them upholding and supporting them through this time.

We pray for those in need of physical healing – for Hazel McDade, May Hankin, Eva Thomas, Heather Orry, Mark Wilson and give thanks for the healing experienced by others in our congregation that this will continue.

Please pray for the Wednesday lunchtime café, that it will continue to be an opportunity for outreach to our community. Pray for Naomi and the volunteers who run the café that they will be blessed in the work they do.

Our circuit prayers are for all the circuit ministers : Andrew, Phil, Ellen, Sylvie. Graham, Janet, Guyla and Martin together with their families and those close to them; for their hopes and frustrations in ministry; for their personal walk with God; for their joys, concerns and distractions; for the reinvitation process now underway for Graham and Sylvie.

Please pray for the forthcoming Holiday Bible Club and the Adult Fellowship week. Pray for those who will lead and volunteer to help in these events in the life of the church. Pray for guidance and protection for them as they plan ahead. Also please pray for all those who will attend, especially if it is the first time that they have participated.

Please continue to pray for all those affected by recent acts of terrorism and violence. Pray for healing for those injured and still in hospital or recovering at home. Also please pray for our emergency services and those who work to keep our country protected and safe.
Please pray for our government following the election, pray for wisdom and guidance for all who serve in this way that they will seek to bring justice and fairness to all.

Pray for our church as we celebrate our Anniversary, thanking God for his faithfulness to us and for all he has done for us and praying for his guidance and wisdom to continue to be with us in the future as we seek to serve him in this community.