Prayer Diary

Please pray for all those known to you in our fellowship, in your family, in your groups of friends and neighbours who are in poor health at this time. Pray for all who are in hospital, in nursing homes, undergoing tests or treatments that they may be aware of God’s love surrounding and upholding them. We pray for Eva, Bill, Jack, Irene, May, Anthony, Bill, Bev, Eileen and all others in their individual needs.

Please pray for all those who are homeless and sleeping rough at this time. We pray that those seeking to find places to stay may be able to find the right help and support. Please pray too for those who work to assist homeless people that they will have patience and wisdom in all their dealings. Pray too for those in government or positions of influence that they may have wisdom in how to treat the problem of homelessness.

Our circuit prayers are asked for the work of ministers and stewards in our Circuit Leadership Team, especially when it comes to developing and implementing our priorities : Empowering the 1000, Contagious Pioneering and Schools Plus. Please pray too for our individual ministers, their health and wellbeing and for their families and friends.

Pray for the nationwide initiative – Thy Kingdom Come – which encourages us all to pray for others to come to know Christ as Lord and Saviour. We are especially asked to pray during the time from Ascension Day to Pentecost (10th to 20th May) for five of our friends or family members. Please try to pray for these five people daily throughout this time.

Pray for all those affected by the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, for those who have lost their homes and ways of life. Pray that they may receive help and care from those around them Please pray for the work of Christian Aid in places both here and abroad where they seek to serve the poorest of the poor in Christ’s name. Pray for people to respond generously throughout Christian Aid Week next week and for them to pray about the work that goes on.