Prayer Diary

Please keep in your prayers all those in our fellowship and in your circles of friends and families who are suffering in any way at this time either physically, mentally or spiritually. We pray for Bill Parry, Eva Thomas, Don Thomas, Anthony Parkinson, May Hankin, Irene Greenwood, Eileen Pomfret, Jean Baxter, Bev Sharrock and Ivy’s sister Gwen . Pray too for the families of those who are unwell as they seek to care for them.

Please continue to pray for Brenda and her sister Barbara following their bereavement recently., pray also for Ken Barnes and his family following the loss of Enid. Pray for all those who have lost loved ones that they feel God’s loving, comforting presence surrounding them in their time of loss.

Please pray for new families and individuals who have been joining us for worship recently, or who may have been returning to church life after an absence. Pray that they will experience a welcome amongst us and a feeling of God’s love in this place.

Pray for all the many groups within our fellowship and for the leaders and volunteers who enable these groups to take place. Pray that where extra volunteers are needed to help run groups people will feel inspired and enabled to offer help where they can.

Please pray for the leaders and all the children and young people in Mad Mob who will be taking part in the production of Inheritance next week. Pray for protection for them and for the message of the production to speak clearly to those who take part and also to those who come to watch and support.

Our Circuit prayers are for all the Club Sunday and Sunday School teachers within our Circuit churches; we pray for everyone involved in planning and leading the groups; we also pray for our children that their relationship with God and love of Jesus will continue to grow.

Please pray for all parts of our world that are affected by war, violence or the threat of terrorism. Pray for the governments and leaders of all nations for wisdom and guidance in the decisions they make which affect so many people. Pray for the most vulnerable people within each society that they will receive justice and fairness.