Radical Hospitality – Day 4

‘Then the king said to his servants, ‘…Go, therefore, into the main streets, and invite everyone you find to the wedding banquet.’ (Matthew 22 v. 8, 9)

Have you ever invited someone who is not part of a church congregation to a service, ministry or activity of your church? If so, how did it feel? If not, what has restrained you?

Give me the courage, Lord,
to offer Your invitation and Your welcome.
Give me the spirit, the grace, the right timing,
the right tone, the right words.
Give me the voice to fulfill the task You have given me
among the people with whom I live and work.

Write down the names of three persons – neighbours, acquaintances, co-workers – who do not have a church home. Pray for them daily. Pray also for a time ripe to invite them to a ministry of your church.

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