Please pray for all those known to you in our church family, your own family and groups of friends and colleagues who are suffering poor health at this time. In particular please pray for a full and speedy recovery for Jean Hutchinson following her major operation this week.

Please also pray for all who are awaiting operations in the coming weeks, or who are undergoing tests and awaiting results.

Please pray too for those who are suffering from mental illnesses and anxiety, that they will feel God’s presence with them, supporting and sustaining them.

Please pray for our church and for all the ministry team throughout the circuit. Pray that they will be guided and protected by God as they carry out their ministry and for all the difficult decisions that may have to be made as churches begin to open again for worship. Pray giving thanks for all the ways in which we have been blessed throughout the time the churches have been unable to meet, – by services on You Tube and Facebook and Zoom, by printed services for those unable to access computers or laptops etc.

Please pray for Street Pastors as they prepare to return to their usual way of being a presence on the streets, able to assist and speak with those who are in need. Please pray for all organisations and charities which will be returning to more normal situations following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Many charities will have suffered greatly from a lack of income from fund raising events having to be cancelled or postponed . Please pray that they will be encouraged to continue in the valuable work they undertake and will be supported in the future.

Please pray for India and for its population, devastated by the pandemic and now too by the recent hurricanes. Pray that the right aid will reach those in most need and that there will be an improvement in the situation there.

Please pray for the situation in Jerusalem, that peace may return to that area. Pray for all areas where there is violence and political unrest that peaceful negotiation may take the place of strife and war. Especially we pray for the most vulnerable people in those situations.

Throughout this period of time from Ascension Day to Pentecost we are being encouraged to pray for 5 of our friends or family whom we would love to come to know the Lord and His Holy Spirit. Please be encouraged to continue to pray and to ask for God’s Holy Spirit to be with each one of us also.