Please continue to pray for all those in our fellowship and in your own circles of friends and families who are unwell at this time, or awaiting treatment or operations. We pray especially for Lesley and Ken S, Harold D, Jean B, Ada D, Sylvia T, John S, Bev S and others whose name is known to God asking for healing and comfort to be with them. Please also pray for those in care and nursing homes that they will feel cared and loved by those who work there and will find comfort and contentment where they are. Please pray giving thanks to God for those whose health has improved and who are now home or who may be able to attend worship again after an absence.

Pray for all those involved in caring for our children and young people in so many ways within our church family – from Little Fishes through to ID group. We pray for wisdom and guidance for all those who offer their time and talents in this way and pray that they will be blessed by this service. Please also pray for the uniformed organisations which meet at our church and for all that they undertake for young people.

Our Circuit prayers are asked for all our local preachers and visiting preachers, including those who are unable to lead worship at this time; for their own spiritual sustenance and growth; for those who are training or exploring their call to preach (Margery, Pauline, Nathan, Jeff, Michaela and Dave) Please also pray for all the ministers throughout the circuit asking for God’s blessing and protection to be on them and their families.

Pray for all those in China and other parts of the world who are affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. Pray that this virus may be contained and that the research into a vaccine may be successful. Pray especially for those who have lost family members and loved ones to this illness and for all those who are in isolation and maybe parted from families.

Please pray for all parts of our country which are badly affected by storm Ciara. We pray for those whose homes have been flooded and for all the problems arising from this now and in future months. Pray that there will be people able and prepared to help them practically and caringly.