Please pray for all those in our church fellowship who are unwell at this time. We pray for Pam’s husband John who is very poorly, for Clare S in hospital in Lancaster, for Bev and David S, Eva and Don T, Jean B, Anthony P and all others in need of God’s healing. Please also pray for all known to you in your own family and circle of friends and neighbours who are suffering in any way, in mind, body or spirit.

Please pray for our Stewardship campaign and focus that is taking place this month. Pray for the Stewardship team, giving thanks for all that they have done so far too present information to us all. Pray for a thoughtful and prayerful response to the campaign and for us all to be prepared to offer as much as we can of our time, talents and treasure too be used in God’s service here and in our community.

Please pray for our circuit and for all our circuit ministers: Andrew M, Phil, Ellen, Sylvie, Graham, Guyla, Tony and Martin together with our pioneer minister Andrew K; for their families and those close to them; for their personal walk with God; for their joys, concerns and distractions. Please pray for individual and shared devotional challenges during Lent; for the many different Lent studies, activities and services that are planned and for a widespread engagement and involvement in them; for our personal spiritual journeys with Christ.

Please continue to pray for our Prime Minister and government at this time and for the deliberations and decisions they must make for the future. Pray for guidance and wisdom for them during this time.

Please pray for the families of those who lost their lives in the recent plane crash. Pray for comfort for all those who are in mourning at this time.