Please continue to pray for all those in our fellowship and in your circles of family and friends who are in special need of God’s loving care to surround and uphold them at this time. Pray for those who have health problems or who are suffering in any way either physically, mentally or spiritually. We pray for Eileen P, Irene G, Joan B, Bill P, Bev S, May H, Eva and Don T, Anthony P, Michael S, Andrew P and others whose names are known to God, asking for his healing power to be with them.

Please pray giving thanks to God for the rescue of the young footballers and their coach from the cave system in Thailand. Thank God that they have reached safety and pray for their future wellbeing. Also praise God for the skill and dedication of the rescue teams.

Please pray about the situation in Japan where there has been serious flooding. Pray for all the families who have lost loved ones and for those who are still seeking for information on missing people. Pray for the work of the rescue teams and for all who strive to bring help and comfort to those affected.

Please continue to pray for our fire and other emergency services in all their work, we especially think of the Fire fighters tackling the moorland fires during this hot spell of weather. Pray for their protection and safety as they go about their work.

Pray for schools as they reach the end of the school year, and especially give thanks for the privilege the Circuit has of being involved in schools; for teachers, staff, governors and pupils looking forward to a break; for children and young people awaiting exam results and for those moving on seeking employment or further study.

Please continue to pray for Holiday Bible Club and for the Adult Fellowship Week, asking for safety and protection for all who attend, for the leaders and helpers and for all the families involved that it may be a time of blessing and fulfilment for all.