Please pray for all those known to you who are suffering or struggling in any way at this time, whether with poor physical or mental health, spiritually, financially or with family concerns or
relationships. Pray that each person will receive the help or treatment they need and that they may feel God’s loving presence surrounding and strengthening them in their situation.

Please pray for our minister Gill, for her health and wellbeing and for God’s blessing to continue to strengthen her in her ministry. Please also pray for all the ministers and local preachers in our Circuit and for the teams of stewards who assist and support them. Pray that we as a congregation may support and encourage those who prepare and bring God’s word to us.

Our circuit prayers encourage us as we enter the season of Advent to strive to have a deep and meaningful spiritual encounter with God’s Son born amongst us; for all events happening throughout the Circuit during this period of Advent.

Please pray for our local community here at Leyland. Pray especially for those who feel vulnerable, the lonely, the homeless and those who find it difficult to “fit in” with others. Pray for compassion and understanding for all and a willingness to help wherever possible.

Please pray for local agencies seeking to help others in difficulties, for Christians against Poverty, for Street Pastors, for the Food Bank and for all the volunteers who help.

Pray for all areas of the world where warfare and conflict persists. Pray for peaceful resolution to come in these situations. Pray especially for those who suffer the consequences in terms of losing family and friends, suffering injury, becoming refugees and losing their livelihoods. Pray for the children, the elderly and the most vulnerable in these parts of the world.

Please continue to pray for fellow Christians throughout the world who are not able to worship freely and who suffer persecution for their faith. Pray that God will strengthen them in their faith and they will feel his love and care with them always.