Please pray for all those known to you who are unwell physically or mentally , or who are suffering in any other way at this time. Pray that they will be able to turn to God for his comfort and strength and to be aware of his love surrounding them. Pray that we may be able to help others in times of need.

Pray for all those in nursing and care homes, that they will feel at ease and well cared for where they are. Pray too for the staff of these places , that they will have patience and kindness and receive encouragement and thanks for all they undertake in caring for others.

Please pray for surgeons, doctors, nurses and workers in all capacities within our Health services, that they will have the strength and stamina to carry out their many duties in often challenging conditions.

Please continue to pray for all the ministers and local preachers in our circuit, and also pray for all those serving in the new North West District, Pray that God will bless and inspire them in their ministry and that encourage them in all they undertake. Pray for our minister Gill, for our Lay worker Kai and for the leadership and stewards team here at LMC.

Please also pray for the congregations who worship at each of our churches and for all the churches in Leyland of all denominations, that together will be a real witness to God in our community.

Please pray for Naomi and Dan and their family today in this service of dedication. Pray too for all the families who bring their children for dedication or baptism that they will all receive a welcome here and feel a real blessing from the worship they experience.

Please pray for our children and young people, especially those who will be starting exams over the next week. Pray that they will feel loved and supported throughout this time and able to do of their best without undue pressure. Pray too for parents and family members as they seek to support and reassure them.

Please pray for the work of Christian Aid as they start Christian Aid week on 12th May. Pray for all the work that they carry out in Britain and abroad to help serve the poorest of the poor. Pray too for all charities and their workers and volunteers, for them to receive strength to enable the work to continue, and for wisdom and guidance in all they do.

Please pray for peace to come to all the troubled parts of our world. Pray for an end to violence and unrest and for all the individuals and families who are affected physically and emotionally by living daily with anxiety and fear about their future. Pray for families that are separated because of war and those who have had to leave their homeland to seek safety.

Please continue to pray for places suffering from extreme weather conditions, from floods, tornados, exceptional heat and pray for governments throughout the world to treat the issue of Climate change seriously and with wisdom as they consider ways to lessen the impact.