As we reflect on the last 12 months of lockdown restrictions please pray for all those whose lives have been affected so much by the Covid pandemic.

Please pray for all those who have lost loved ones during this time, that they may be able to find peace and comfort.

For all people who are suffering from Covid at this time, especially the seriously ill in hospital.

For all those who are still recovering from the virus and whose health has really suffered.

For those who are shielding and have not seen loved ones for a very long time.

For people in care homes and for those who live alone who may be suffering from loneliness.

For those who have been affected by loss of employment or who have business worries caused by the lockdown.

For all those who are anxious or whose mental health has been affected throughout this time.

Please pray also, giving thanks for all those who have worked tirelessly throughout this period.

For NHS and Care home staff, for all doctors and nurses, for researchers into vaccines and other treatments, for all key workers, in schools, shops, emergency services , public transport and services, delivery services and many more. Pray that they will protected and strengthened each day.

Please continue to pray for our church and circuit as they prepare for the time when churches may reopen. Pray that God will guide and lead them as they seek the way ahead.

Please also pray the arrangements for Easter worship that are being put in place .

Pray that we may each be able to participate in the Easter celebration of the resurrection through the many opportunities offered to us.