Please pray for all the Harvest services taking place over the next few weeks throughout the country. Pray that the food gifts and money donations may be used to help those in most need. Please pray for our own Harvest gifts for the All We Can organisation and for our local Food Bank.

Please pray for farmers and fishermen throughout our country giving thanks for all the work they undertake in often difficult conditions. Pray for their safety and for their families. Pray too for those who bring the produce to our shops and for all who work in this industry.

Please continue to pray for all those known to you who are suffering in any way at this time. Pray that God’s loving care and strength will surround them and feel very real to them in their situation.

Pray for all those who have lost loved ones recently that they may receive comfort and peace from the love of God and others. Pray for all those who are unwell or injured and for those who are anxiously awaiting results or further treatment. Please also pray for those who are caring for others that they will be strengthened and encouraged in this role.

Pray for all those who are suffering mentally, with anxiety, depression , problems with addictions, that they may receive the right treatment for their problem.

Please pray for our church here and for Gill and her family in her ministry. Pray that she will receive strength, wisdom and guidance from God in all that she does here. Pray too for the leadership team and stewards who assist in the ministry here.

Pray for our circuit and for all ministers and local preachers throughout Leyland and Chorley.

Please continue to pray for the local organisations our church members are involved in, for the Food Bank, for Christians against Poverty, Street Pastors and all others that you are aware of. Pray that God will continue to bless the work undertaken by these organisations.