Please pray for all those known to you who are suffering from bereavement at this time. We pray for Jim B and his family following Joan’s funeral last Wednesday, that they may be comforted by the love of God surrounding and sustaining them. We also pray for Elaine D in the loss of her brother and for her to feel God’s love and comfort surrounding her at this sad time.

Pray for all those in our fellowship and in your family and friendship circles who are undergoing problems of any kind just now, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Pray that God will feel very close to them in their need and that they may be able to trust and lean on him. We pray for those in poor health at this time – for May H, Bill P, Dave and Bev S, Eva and Don T, Irene G, Eileen P, Liz T, Anthony P and Andrew P that they may receive God’s healing. Please pray too for all who may be unknown to us by name but whose needs are known to God that they will be comforted by God’s presence and receive strength from him.

Please continue to pray for our ministry team here at LMC and throughout the circuit. Pray that they will be encouraged in their ministry at this beginning of a new Church year and that God will protect and inspire them in their ministry.

Pray for Club Sunday as it restarts today after the summer break. Pray for all those who offer their time and talents in this way and pray for God’s continued blessing on this way of worshipping.

Pray for all the families who attend Church that they will feel welcomed and grow in their relationship with God.