Please pray for Elizabeth and David and all the family and friends of Bill who passed away on Monday this week. Pray for comfort for the family and give thanks for Bill’s life and witness here at LMC.

We continue to pray for the family and friends of Jack Dowson following his funeral and thanksgiving service this week, asking that they will feel uplifted and comforted by God’s presence with them during this sad time. Please also pray for all others known to you who are suffering bereavement at this time. Please continue to pray for all those who are in poor health at this time.

Our circuit prayers are for the challenge to faith and recommitment that forms the central part of our Covenant services that we participate in over the next few weeks; for a prayerful reevaluation of our response to God’s call and the roles we undertake in his mission – in and through our church locally, the circuit and wider afield. We are also encouraged to pray for a clearer vision of God’s plans for us as we seek to do His work and undertake our important Church Life Review; for the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment in all things we decide and for guidance in all our actions.

Please pray for the Churches together in Leyland Week of Prayer for Christian unity and for the services which will take place during this time when we can share with Christians from different denominations as we worship together.

Pray for our ministry team- for Phil, Ellen, Sylvie and for their families , for wisdom and guidance in all that they do in their ministry here. Pray too for ministers and local preachers throughout the Circuit as they bring God’s word before us.