Please pray for the three families in Leyland whose houses were burnt in the fire at the weekend. Pray for comfort for them as they face the future and please pray too for all those who have donated items to help at this time.

Please pray for all those known to you at this time in our church fellowship, in your families and in your circles of friends and neighbours who may be in particular need of God’s healing, strengthening and love at this time.

Pray for all who are going through a time of bereavement having lost loved ones, whether due to the Covid 19 pandemic or through any other cause. Pray for comfort for them.

Pray for all those suffering from illness, physically or mentally, that they may receive the treatments they need, that healing will take place with God’s will, and that those who are recovering from treatment or illness will continue to regain strength and fitness.

Please pray for all those who are experiencing anxiety about the future, whether related to health, finance, work situations or relationships. Pray for peace of mind for them and help and encouragement from others.

Pray for all those who are facing this difficult time alone, that they will have strength and courage and patience. Pray also that there will be those able to support them.

The Street Pastors teams in Preston have asked if we would pray giving thanks for the life and service of one of their longest standing volunteers, Jack Kerridge who has died at the age of 82 years. Jack was an enthusiastic and reliable member until his health forced him to step down a year or so age. He was a member of Kings Church, Penwortham.

Please pray about the situation in America which has been brought about following the killing of George Floyd. Pray for an easing in the tensions there and for peace and justice to prevail. Pray for an end to all racial discrimination, in all parts of the world. Especially pray for George Floyd’s family as they mourn his loss.