Please pray for all those known to you in our church family here and in your own family and circles of friends who are suffering in any way at this time, especially Heather Blackledge who is in hospital. Pray for them to be aware of God’s presence surrounding and supporting them in whatever needs they are experiencing and pray for peace, comfort and healing.

Please continue to remember in your prayers all those who have suffered bereavements recently, asking for God’s love and comfort to be with them throughout this time.

Please pray for our minister Gill, and for all ministers and local preachers throughout our circuit. Pray for spiritual guidance and wisdom to be with them in their ministry, and for safety and protection for them and their families.

Please pray for all the local churches in our town and for those who will attend the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity services this week. Pray that this will be a special time of worship with Christians from all denominations in Leyland when we celebrate unity and not differences. Pray for our church representatives and for the commitment they show to their role.

Please pray for our Property and Finance committee and all that they undertake on our behalf. Pray for wisdom and inspiration in all their deliberations and decisions that have to be made for our church’s future.

Please pray for all those members and friends who have not felt able to return to church services here , because of concerns regarding Covid or for other reasons. Pray that they may be able to access worship via the on-line services and still feel very much part of our fellowship.

Pray for all areas of the world which have been affected by the recent tsunami following a volcanic eruption under seas near Tonga. Pray for all those who have lost homes and livelihoods because of flooding and the destruction caused by this, and pray that aid will reach those most in need.

Please pray for all places affected by natural disasters , climate change, and pray that the governments and leaders of all countries will continue to seek for solutions and ways to deal with these issues.

Pray for areas suffering from war, civil and political unrest and for all those who have lost loved ones through these issues. Pray for all refugees and migrants who have had no choice but to leave their homes and take risks to seek to find a new start for themselves and their families.

Pray that leaders of all nations may seek to govern justly and for the benefit of all their people.