Please pray for the family and friends of Dorothy Stanger who died last week. Dorothy was married to Rev Gerald Stanger a former minister at Leyland Methodist Church, and she has latterly been living in the Methodist Home in Bolton. Their daughter Elizabeth (Liz) Leigh lives in New Longton and is part of Hope Church there, where the funeral thanksgiving service will take place. Please pray for Liz and all the family and give thanks for Dorothy and Gerald’s marriage and ministry amongst us.

Please pray too for all those you know who are in mourning for loved ones at this time. Pray that they may be comforted by being aware of God’s love surrounding them and strengthening them.
Please continue to pray for all those known to you in our church family and in your own families and groups of friends who are suffering in any way at this time, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. Pray that they will be able to lean on God’s love and care in whatever situation they are and that he will be able to sustain and uphold them by his presence.

Please pray for our friend Ivy Probert who is moving to a care home in Wetherby, nearer to her family members. Pray that Ivy will be settled and happy in her new surroundings, and for all those who will be caring for her.

Please pray for our minister Gill, and for all the ministers and local preachers throughout the circuit, asking for God’s protection and guidance and inspiration to be on them as they carry out their ministry.

Please pray for the work and initiatives carried out and supported by Churches Together in Leyland and for the contribution they make to our community.

Our circuit prayers are invited for each and every one of our circuit stewards : Carolyn, Chris, Beryl, Annette, Ryan, Louise and Tim; for the practical tasks that they undertake on behalf of the circuit; for their daily lives; for their own faith journeys and spiritual wellbeing.

Please pray for all those involved in local community initiatives. Pray for the Food Bank and all that it undertakes; pray for those who volunteer to help and for all those who depend upon its provision. Pray for Christians against Poverty, that they may continue to help their clients deal with financial problems. Pray for Street Pastors in all that they seek to do , praying that they may be guided to those who most need their assistance.

Please pray for the situation in Ukraine and for all those who are suffering there. Pray for all areas of the world experiencing war and violence , that ways may be sought and found to put an end to all hostilities. Pray for those who have had to leave their country and family to seek safety elsewhere, that they may be met and dealt with compassionately.

Pray for the leaders and governments of all nations that they will use their positions of influence for justice and the good of all people. Pray that they will not overlook the needs of most vulnerable people of their countries. Pray that leaders will work together to find ways to minimise the effects of climate change especially for countries which will be most affected.