Please continue to pray for all those in our church fellowship who are suffering in any way at this time whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

Please pray also for those known to your in your own circles of friends, and family who have special concerns at this time. Pray for all those affected in any way by the Corona virus pandemic, and perhaps especially we could remember in our prayers those who are really worried and scared of different aspects of this , including health problems, childcare worries, future work situations and many more.

Please pray that as the lockdown is starting to be lifted people will continue to use caution and common sense and that we may all continue to be aware of the needs of the most vulnerable in our society.

Please also pray giving thanks to God for all those who have had Covid 19 and who are now recovered. Thank God for the work of the nurses and doctors who have cared for so many patients, often endangering their own health and that of their families.

Pray especially for those in Care homes, the elderly there and the staff members who work in such difficult situations.

Please continue to pray for our ministers and local preachers in the circuit in all the ways in which they are continuing to help us in our worship every week and for all the duties they carry out. Pray that they will be protected in all that they do, and continue to be guided and inspired by God as they find new ways to carry out their ministry.

Please pray for all the charities which are finding things very difficult at this time, when fund raising events are having to be postponed or cancelled. Pray that they will be enabled to carry on their work.

Please pray for other countries throughout the world who are experiencing this pandemic and who do not have the resources to cope with this as well as the developed world. Pray for refugees in camps where distancing is impossible and where there is very little clean water for hygiene and cleanliness.