Please continue to pray for all those in our fellowship who are in poor health at this time and for all who are suffering in any different ways, either physically, mentally emotionally or in other situations. Pray that God’s love will surround them all and that his strengthening power will uphold and encourage them whatever their need.

Please pray for our ministry team here at LMC, for Phil, Sylvie, Ellen and for their families, that they may be protected and guided by God’s Holy spirit in all the work they undertake in their ministry.

Please pray for our Circuit and for all the ministers and lay preachers as they prepare and bring God’s word before us and for all the various roles they serve in their ministry. Pray for the Circuit meeting as it receives proposals after our Church Life Review; for the making of significant decisions on the resourcing and implementation of the vision for churches across the circuit; for the full representation of all churches.

Pray for all areas of the world which are still suffering from acts of terrorism and violence, that someday the leaders will seek peace and justice for all nations. Pray for all who have been victims of war and for those who have had to flee their homes and are now refugees trying to rebuild their lives. Pray for children and older people who have lost those they depended on for their care.

Please pray for the work of the Street Pastors, here in the Preston area and also throughout the country. Give thanks to God for the work they do, for the conversations they have with many on the streets and for opportunities to show and share God’s love for all.

Please pray too for those who are homeless that they may receive assistance in finding accommodation and guidance for their future.

Please continue to pray for our children and young people, especially for those who are preparing for or already undertaking exams. Pray that they will feel supported by family and friends and will be able to give of their best.