Please continue to pray for al those in our church family who are unwell at this time for those in hospital, or who have returned home following operations or other treatments, and also those who are awaiting treatment or tests or test results.

Please also pray for any known to you in your own circles of family and friends who may be in articular need just now.

Please pray for all those in Care homes and for those who work there in any capacity. Pray that relatives will be able to visit their loved ones safely in the coming weeks.

Please pray giving thanks for the announcement of a vaccine becoming available soon. Pray that this will be safe and will be available for those most in need, in our country and abroad.

Please pray for all those who work in our schools and universities and for all children and young people who attend them. Pray for their safety and protection at all times.

Please continue to pray for all the ministers and local preachers in our circuit. We pray for Phil our superintendent , for all the duties his work entails. Pray too for the circuit stewards, church stewards, leadership teams, Kathryn our circuit administrator and all who have responsibilities in the smooth running of our churches. We pray too for Matt and Paul in all the work they do in preparing our church premises.

Please pray for Gill and her family , for protection and safety for them as Gill carries out her ministry here at LMC.

Pray for all those who are homeless at this season of the year, that they may be able to be provided with the warm clothing and hot food that we so often take for granted. Pray for Food Banks in the work that they do for families who rely upon them, and for all initiatives that seek to provide help.