Please pray for our church and circuit as they continue to provide us with many opportunities for worship while the lockdown restrictions are still in place. Pray that we will soon be able to meet again on a Sunday and for patience and understanding from all until this is safely possible.

Pray for our Property and Finance committees as they continue to meet and work to maintain our premises and further the progress on the Community centre roof. Please pray for the finances of our church, which have been affected by the lockdown as have so many other concerns.

Please pray for our minister Gill and for all the circuit ministry team , local preachers, stewards and leadership teams , for all the duties and ministry they undertake throughout this difficult period.

Please pray for the new Youth Group that has started on a Sunday evening at our church. Pray for those who lead and volunteer their time and talents in this way and also pray for the young people who attend .

Please pray for all those known to you in our church family, your own circles of family and friends who are suffering at this time, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. We pray for Ivy Probert in hospital with a broken hip and right arm. Please also pray for the continued healing for Jean Hutchinson, and Tony Blackledge and others who have had recent treatments.

Pray for all areas of the world which are suffering from wars and violence and especially for the most vulnerable people in those areas. Pray for refugees and migrants throughout the world that they may be treated with compassion.

Pray for areas affected by natural disasters and those affected by climate change. Pray that each of us may do our part in caring for our environment, even in small ways.

Please pray for all charities which are re-opening premises after a long break. Pray that they will still have sufficient volunteers to enable their work to continue and that all will be protected and kept safe.