Please pray for Barbara A and her family following the death of her husband Philip. Pray for God’s peace and comfort to surround the whole family at this sad time. Please pray for Dan and Naomi P following the death of Dan’s Grandma. Pray for all the family in their loss and ask for God’s loving arms to be around them.

Please continue to pray for all those who are suffering in any way at this time, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. Pray that they will be aware of God’s presence with them in their individual situation and that they will be strengthened and upheld by His love. Within our fellowship we pray for Robert and Sylvie, for Don and Eva T, Bev and Dave S, Jean B, John S, Anthony P. Joan C and Sylvia T and for all who need God’s healing in their lives.

Our Circuit prayers are invited for our Superintendent Minister Andrew Mashiter and his family as we prepare to say farewell at a special service this afternoon at Chorley Methodist Church; for the thanksgiving for Andrew’s ministry on his retirement; for all others who are preparing to move on, or sit down, from their current Circuit or Ministry. In particular please pray for Rev.Phil and for Rev. Gill Welsh and their families.

Pray for Holiday Bible Club which will be taking place here soon. Pray for all the leaders and helpers in any capacity, and also please pray for all the children who will attend and for their families especially those who may be attending for the first time.

Please pray too for the Adult Fellowship week which Kathy Lamb organises which takes place the week following Holiday Bible Club. Pray for Kathy and for her helpers during the week and pray for the fellowship enjoyed by those who attend the gatherings.

Please continue to pray for all those in our towns and cities who are homeless and having to sleep on our streets. Pray for those who seek to help them find accommodation and pray for protection over them.

Please also pray for Street Pastors as they carry out their work. Pray that they will be able to help those in need and also pray that they may have chance to have meaningful conversations about their faith with those who are willing to hear.

Pray for all areas of our world where conflict and warfare still takes place, that one day peace may reign in the place of violence and fear. Please pray for all those who have had to leave their own homes to try to seek a safer and better life for their families. Pray that refugees may be treated fairly and justly by countries they may travel to.