Monday 13th January

9.00a.m. – Keep Fit in the hall
1.00p.m. – Little Fishes
8.00p.m. – Making Music

Tuesday 14th January

9.00a.m. – Reachout ASC in the coffee bar
2.00p.m. – Prayer meeting in the vestry
6.30p.m. – Zumba in the hall
7.00p.m. – Smart group in the Church lounge
7.30p.m. – Pilates in the hall
7.45p.m. – Men@LMC in the large annex

Wednesday 15th January

9.30a.m. – Art Group in the coffee bar
10.00a.m. – Community cafe
11.00a.m. – Reading Group in the large annex
6.00p.m. – The Boys’ Brigade – ANCHORBOYS
6.45p.m. – The Boys’ Brigade – JUNIOR SECTION
7.30p.m. – The Boys’ Brigade – COMPANY SECTION

Thursday 16th January

10.00a.m. – TOGETHER ON THURSDAYS – Worship – Rev’d Gill , Afternoon – Beetle Drive
1.30p.m. – Zumba in the hall
2.15p.m. – Chair fit in the hall
3.30p.m. – AM/PM dance in hall & church lounge
7.30p.m. – Mad Mob in the hall

Friday 17th January

8.30a.m. – Slimming World in the coffee bar
6.30p.m. – MAD MOB in the hall & coffee bar

Saturday 18th January

4.00p.m. – Volunteers meal

Sunday 19th January

9.30a.m. – Covenant Service (led by Rev’d Gill Welsh & Pam Roberts)
11.00a.m. – Covenant Service (led by Rev’d Gill Welsh & Deacon Kathy Lamb)
2.00p.m. – Mad Mob in the hall
6.30p.m. – Reflective Worship ( led by Deacon Sylvie Phillips)