Holy and Loving God, all life comes from you, and in you all things
hold together.
As we remember this, we pause to give you thanks and praise.
As we remember this, we are reminded that you hold the end from
the beginning, and that nothing is too large or too small for you.
As we remember this, remind us that as all things are held, so we
are held by you, in love.

Help us in our anxious thoughts.
Help us in our day to day lives.
Help us in this time of deep uncertainty.

We acknowledge that at times we are selfish,
at times we do not seek you first.
But we know that you are always faithful, merciful, gracious, and
We receive your mercy and forgiveness, faithfulness and grace.
In the name of Christ. Amen
(Written by Rev Sally Coleman)

Gracious God,
We pray for your world, your people and your church,
for governments as they seek the best action
we ask your blessing on our health professionals
as they seek to care for those who are ill,
for those worried about money and food,
we pray for families kept apart by distancing or
for those who will struggle without meeting for
worship together,
for those leading worship that will be live streamed,
for a sense of calm among the challenges we face.
Holy Spirit, fill us with your power
that in these strange circumstances
we can continue to be a people of faith hope and love.
Lord Jesus, who gave himself for us,
we pray for the discipline to remember your love,
to show that love and to help our neighbours, families and others,
in your name we pray. Amen
(A prayer from Paul Davis – Chair of the Lancashire District)

When life is shaken to its core,
when clouds and storms arrive,
we find it difficult to know
God present in our lives.
Yet there’s no misery or grief,
pain, doubt, or emptiness,
that is not known by the divine
and filled with tenderness.
When we are tempted to give up,
and purpose drains away,
where is the God of hope and joy?
Can peace replace dismay?
God, in the centre of our pain,
makes of our dark a tent,
a holy place of tearfulness
as life splits and fragments.
We need to learn to trust and know
God in our lives, God here
hidden within the clouds and storms,
one with our doubts and fears.
This is our peace: that in the depths
of our adversities
we find a God who shares our pain
and life’s cruel miseries.
(Words: © Andrew Brown (November 2019, rev. March 2020)