Grace and Peace to you

Grace and Peace to you

GALATIANS 1 v. 2 – 3
‘and all of the brothers who are with me / alongside me to the churches of Galatia,
grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ’

Although Paul has already claimed the authority of God – the Father – and Jesus, he does acknowledge here the accountability of ‘the brothers’ around him – that God-give authority is worked out and discerned in community.
I thank God for my brothers and sisters in Christ who confirm in / for me all that I believe He has called and is calling me to.

‘Grace’ (God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense) described as ‘not simply a gracious attitude on God’s part, but His gracious act in the self-giving of Christ’; this grace (which Paul mentions six times in this letter) is in contrast to the works-righteousness which the ‘law’ engenders.

‘Peace’ (Greek ‘eireinei’, equivalent to Hebrew ‘shalom’) meaning ‘every kind of blessing and good’ or ’embracing well-being, prosperity, victory, love and salvation’.

‘Grace’ is God’s activity towards an undeserving, sometimes ‘indifferent and disloyal’ people, and ‘peace’ is the resulting condition for us.

even though Paul is about to be very harshly critical of the Galatian churches
for falling away from the truth of the gospel,
he greets them with a gospel greeting,
praying grace and peace over them.
May grace and peace guide all my thinking
and all my actions today,
for Your sake, Lord Jesus Christ.

Find a way of thanking today those who have been alongside you as you discerned God’s call and direction for your life.

Phil Gough