Weekly Update – 17th April 2020

Weekly Update – 17th April 2020

Dear All,
I hope you managed to celebrate Easter in a meaningful way last weekend.
This Sunday our Gospel reading looks at Jesus’ encounter with Thomas after his resurrection.  You will remember how Thomas was not with the other disciples when Jesus first appeared to them and so Thomas was not convinced, he wanted to see Jesus for himself. So, Jesus appeared again – just for him, and satisfied Thomas’ doubts.
During this time, we may have lots of doubts and uncertainties and questions.  Ranging from: “What day of the week is it again?”  to “How are we going to get out of this lock-down” and “When will life return to “normal”’or “How many more people are going to die of this virus?”  For some of us, we may have doubts and questions of faith too.  When we have more time to think and reflect, when we have less contact with church and we are in a potentially threatening situation, it is only natural to question and doubt – just as Thomas did.  If you can relate to this, then please take comfort from the fact that Jesus wasn’t angry with Thomas, he didn’t scold him for his doubts, Jesus was gentle and appeared amongst them again – to relieve Thomas’ concerns.  If we start to doubt our faith, things we have held firm to for years, or if we start to question if God is really in control or what his plan is, then remember this gentleness of Jesus, and we need to take those doubts and concerns to him.  We need to allow Jesus to appear to us again, just as he did for Thomas, and give us his peace.
If you are struggling with your faith at this time, please get in touch with myself or Deacon Sylvie (either on the phone or through email) and we can have a chat.  Also, if you are not able to access the on-line worship, then please let us know and we can see what alternatives we can provide.  We are here for you, if you need us or just feel like a chat.  I am at home most of the time but interestingly most people tend to ring when I am either out leading a funeral, recording part of the worship for Sunday or out on my daily exercise!  So, if I don’t answer, please just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  It’s always good to have a chat.  As we keep being told: “We are in this together”
News / Information:
  • I have just been asked for our assistance with an idea to help our Methodist Schools and especially the families who are struggling there and I will share more next week when I have more details.  In the meantime, please keep in your prayers our schools and all who work there, as well as the children and their families.
  • Thank you to all our card makers who have been busy – if you have any more cards you are still working on, please can I have them by Sunday 26th April.
  • If you (or anyone you know) would appreciate a hot meal on a Wednesday lunch time, we still have capacity to cook and deliver more, just let myself or Anne Baker know.
  • Our Sunday Circuit Worship is live on Facebook at 10.30am every Sunday morning, and also available on Youtube.
  • Attached is a written worship service from Rev Tony Simpson, which you may wish to follow on Sunday too.

Hope you have a good weekend and are able to experience Jesus’ words: “Peace be with you.”

Every Blessing,


Gill Welsh