‘Super-good news’ revealed directly through Jesus

‘Super-good news’ revealed directly through Jesus

GALATIANS 1 v. 11 – 12
‘I want you to understand, brothers, that the gospel good-news which I preached did not come from a man.
For I didn’t receive it from a man, nor through being taught it, but by a revelation of Jesus Christ.’

Already, Paul has been at pains to underline how directly he has heard from God, receiving the gospel as Jesus appeared to directly to him – no authentication is required through men or teaching.
In this passage, I like the double use of the word rooted in ‘euangelion’, literally ‘the gospel good-news by which I proclaimed the gospel good-news’. This is ‘super-good news’, because it is all grace and none of our doing (not self / works righteousness).

‘I propose that Methodism reclaim the grammar, conceptual framework, and the experience of Christian mysticism because it offers the holy fire of our tradition….
The Wesleyan message offers a holistic gospel that heals and redeems body, mind, spirit, relationships, institutions and systems through the power of the Holy Spirit….
Mysticism and mission go hand in hand in the Methodist story. Hearing from God and allowing ourselves to be transformed and sent in new directions is inherent in our tradition.’ (Elaine Heath, ‘God Unbound’)

Lord Jesus
may we be truly open
to Your revelation, Your appearing, Your enlightenment
and may we be open also
to what You may reveal to us through others.
May we grasp this ‘super-good news’,
this amazing grace
and live it out today.

Think about any times when you felt you’d heard directly from God.
Where were you?
What were the circumstances?
Did you tell anyone else about it?
Give thanks to God for His revelation, His speaking to you.

Phil Gough